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Arch Brows Threading & Spa: The Benefits Of Eyebrow Threading

Arch Brows Threading & Spa: The Benefits Of Eyebrow Threading

The Benefits Of Eyebrow Threading

Thinking of making the switch to eyebrow threading? Check out the top reasons why this service is the ideal way to shape your brows and schedule with our team today.

Throughout the centuries, across many Eastern countries, a unique and proven method for hair removal has been utilized — threading. While most of us grew up waxing or plucking our eyebrows, threading has made its way into the beauty scene. If you have never experienced the difference of eyebrow threading, we invite you to come see us at Arch Brows Threading & Spa. You will be sure to enjoy our relaxing spa and outstanding beauty services. With locations across the Colleyville and Keller area, you can find a nearby esthetician to handle your eyebrow and lash needs.

Ready to make the switch from waxing to threading? Check out the myriad of benefits threading offers.

#1: Ideal For Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, waxing can be extremely harmful, particularly facial waxing. When hair is removed from your face utilizing wax, it takes with it the top layer of your skin. For those who already have sensitive skin, the end result can be irritated, puffy, skin. Over time, this can lead to permanent damage and early wrinkles.

Threading is the perfect solution for those who want flawless brows without damaging their skin. Rather than ripping any skin up, threading carefully pulls hairs out of the eyebrow hair without damaging the area. Unlike tweezing, threading removes the thread from the root, leaving no trace of broken hairs behind.

#2: A More Accurate Approach

Eyebrow threading is loved by many for the extreme accuracy it provides. If you are picky about the way your eyebrows are shaped, threading is for you. Rather than a sloppy mess of wax being placed around your desired brow shape, a tiny amount of thread gently and rapidly plucks away each hair at a time.

While it is extremely accurate due to the minute scale of the thread, it is still a fast service. You'll be stunned at how rapidly our estheticians can adeptly pull thread across your brows.

#3: An Alternative For Those Who Can't Wax

For some, being on medications makes waxing a no-go. If you are using Retin-A, Accutane, Renova, or a similar medicine, waxing is not an option for you. This can lead to painful and frustrating attempts at tweezing away unwanted hair.

The good news is that eyebrow threading allows you to attain the eyebrows you want without any danger to your skin. Talk to us about the safety of threading at your next visit.

#4: A Comfortable Experience

Has the pain of waxing driven you to unsightly eyebrows? Say goodbye to those bushy brows with the comfort of threading. While there is always an amount of pain associated with removing hair, threading is a comfortable and quick experience. Because you are not ripping wax off of your face, the process is reported to be much gentler and less overwhelming.

In fact, threading makes a great introduction for those who want to remove unwanted hair. Rather than hot wax being your first experience of hair removal, we recommend giving threading a shot.

#5: Decreases Hair Growth In Unwanted Areas

One of the best benefits of eyebrow threading is that the longer you do it, the less hair growth you will have in unwanted areas. You will notice that over the course of a few appointments, your hair will start to grow back thinner and less quickly. This allows you to flaunt those gorgeous brows between visits without a worry.

Bonus Tip: Did you know? Threading isn't just for your eyebrows. You can utilize this proven method for hair removal across your face. Talk to your esthetician about full face threading or stand-alone options, such as upper lip or chin.

Come Experience It For Yourself

We get it. Threading can seem like a strange experience if you have never witnessed it first hand. For that reason, we invite you to come visit one of our spa locations and check it out for yourself. We will be happy to demonstrate exactly how threading works. We know you will be amazed at how talented our estheticians are and how beautiful they can leave your brows.

We welcome walk-ins, so feel free to show up to one of our spas to see what eyebrow threading is all about. You can also book an appointment online at any one of the following DFW locations:

Flower Mound

We look forward to helping you enjoy the myriad of benefits eyebrow threading offers.

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