Facials (New & Improved)

Relaxing Facial
Price: 60 min / $95

Recommended Skin Type: All Skin Type Except Acne Prone Skin

Sometimes, you just want to close your eyes and drift while having your face pampered. A typical classic facial provides deep cleansing, extractions, a head and neck massage, and...zzz. The goal is to wake up looking—and feeling—rested and refreshed.


Acne Reduction Facial
Price: 60 min / $95

Recommended Skin Type:  Acne skin condition

Acne reduction facial is for people with an acne-prone skin, as it helps to reduce the appearance of acne and blemishes. Acne reduction facial includes deep cleansing of pores, which helps to get rid of the excess oil. Acne reduction facial not only helps to treat acne and pimples on the skin, but it also helps to lighten the acne scars. Acne reduction facial contains mild scrubbing and more of steaming technique to be followed, so that the dirt is pulled out easily.


Gold Radiance Facial
Price: 60 min / $95

Recommended Skin Type: Anti-Aging 

Gold facial is a common but luxurious way to pamper your skin. A gold facial helps to promote healthy and glowing skin. People any skin type can opt for a gold facial, but it proves to be extremely beneficial for people with dull skin. The amount of gold used in the cream may differ and hence the effect of the facial may also vary. It helps to rejuvenate your skin by removing the dirt and impurities from the skin.


Vitamin C Facial
Price: 60 min / $95

Recommended Skin Type: Anti-Aging / Dry Skin Type 

This intensive treatment is perfect for aging, dull, sun-damaged skin. Vitamin C and natural skin brighteners combine to soften hyperpigmentation and revitalize the skin delivering a brighter and more luminous complexion. Includes a deep cleanse with steam, toning, exfoliation, massage, Ultra Vitamin-C Mask, Vitamin-C Serum and is finished with a deeply hydrating moisture treatment. You will leave with a brighter, luminous complexion.

To maintain your glowing skin, this facial treatment is recommended as a series of treatments.

Why is Vitamin C important?
As humans, we are one of the few species of animals that cannot produce our own Vitamin C. Even with a healthy diet and lifestyle, the skin does not receive much of the Vitamin C that you ingest. Therefore, the best way to ensure your skin is receiving the optimal amount of Vitamin C is to apply it topically. Vitamin C is essential for the building of collagen in the skin, is one of the best natural antioxidants and is an excellent brightener. The form of Vitamin C used by glo therapeutics, water-based L-Ascorbic Acid, has been clinically proven to penetrate into skin cells where it works to protect, repair and reverse damages.


Brightening Facial
Price: 60 min / $95

Recommended Skin Type: Pigmented Skin Type

Brightens and refreshes skin by removing dead skin cells and debris to minimizes the appearance of fine lines, pores, and texture irregularities and to enhance the absorption of natural brighteners and smoothing ingredients to create a fresh glowing complexion.


Glow Rejuvenating Facial
Price: 60 min / $95

Recommended Skin Type: All Skin Type 

Your skin will be so happy after this facial treatment that it will GLOW! Exfoliates, brightens, nourishes, hydrates and moisturizes dry, sagging, and uneven skin tone. This facial is great for all skin types.


Men's Cleansing Facial
Price: 60 min / $95

Recommended Skin Type: All Skin Type 

Our facial treatments for men can help improve the appearance of all skin types, include skin prone to acne and the occasional break-out. Our Estheticians use products specially formulated for men's skin. Facials have also been proven effective in treating oily skin, dry skin, aging skin, sensitive skin, and sun damaged skin. Proper skin care by men of all ages can help take years of the face, resulting in a brighter, more youthful complexion.


Teen Facial
Price: 45 min / $60

Recommended Skin Type: All Skin Type

Designed to address the skin needs of today's teens, including treating and caring for acne breakouts, clogged pores, oiliness, and sensitivity. Allow our professional staff to educate your teen on how to properly care for their skin and start them on a life-long path of healthy skin care.

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Facials (New & Improved)

Facials (New & Improved)

Facials (New & Improved)

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