Laser Hair Removal

There are many hair removing techniques and devices in the world. However, if you are seeking an almost permanent hair removal, only Candela laser technology will do the trick. Laser Hair Removal is the preferred device of dermatologists to target and permanently disable the hair follicle for permanent results. This procedure, which involves a laser pulsing through the skin to be absorbed by the melanin, or pigment, in the hair follicles, can be performed on virtually any area of the body, from chin to chest to toes.

For ages including today there has been many infomercials and claims of magical devices and products promising to do away with unwanted hair! The truth is that only a surgical quality laser device can deliver on this promise.


How must does it cost?

Laser Hair Removal is a medical practice supervised by a medical doctor. Earlier Laser Hair Removal solutions offered by medical offices were expensive. Arch Brows Threading & Spa has some of the most competitive laser hair removal prices in town. We employ the Candela Gentle YAG Laser Machine, a dual wavelength laser that can be used on a variety of skin types and can treat large areas of skin, making the treatment faster and more cost effective.

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What to expect from Laser Hair Removal?

According to the FDA, laser hair removal treatments cannot be called a "permanent hair removal solution". However, about 90% of patients experience permanent hair loss after an average of four to six sessions. This range can greatly vary from person to person and this is something that can only be answered after a physical consultation.


What to do before laser hair removal

Before getting laser hair removal you should not pluck, wax, or do electrolysis treatment to the target area for four to six weeks before treatment. A little bit of hair growth is desired (about 2 to 3 mm). This allows the technician to better target trouble areas.


How much does it hurt?

Waxing salons and electrolysis spas make laser hair removal sound like a painful, prolonged sensation that compares to getting lashes with a whip! Actually, laser hair removal makes a pulsating sensation similar to getting snapped with the rubber band. The pain threshold is a little more than that of hair plucking but considerably less than that of Brazilian waxing. If you feel too much of a sting you should let the technician know.


How long does laser hair removal last?

Laser hair removal is not considered a permanent hair removal solution because it only works on hair that is at a particular growth cycle. Because different hairs at any given target area grows at a different rate, not all hair may be affected in one treatment. Even after several treatments some hair may grow back due in part to natural hormonal cycles and gene rejuvenation.


Before and After

If you do opt for laser hair removal there are several before and after recommendation to take into consideration. For one, you should not take any medications that make your skin more sensitive to light. Although there are no studies in regards to the safety of laser hair removal during pregnancy. Many doctors recommend avoiding laser hair removal during pregnancy because of the lack of information about the effect on the fetus. After laser hair removal you should cut back on the use of retinol creams or vitamin-C serums. You should also consider staying away from prolong sun exposure, chlorinated pools or saltwater swims.

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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

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